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Democrats Digging Their Own Graves

By Louis E. Retzer, LaGrangeville, NY

Ever since the Presidential election results were in, the Democrat Party has been in a tizzy. They won’t accept that Donald Trump is POTUS. From the minority leaders of both the House and Senate, to the clueless celebrities that want to boycott anyone that supported Trump. You are showing the world that you are indeed the party of intolerance. The DNC did all they could to insure that Bernie Sanders would not get the nomination of their party. Their nominated candidate lost the election because she had no message for the American people that don’t live in Washington DC, Hollywood or NYC.

The antics of the minority party of Schumer and Pelosi will only insure the further defeat of the Democrat Party. The violent demonstrations that have been taking place will do nothing to change the election results. The Democrat Party appears to be encouraging these demonstrations by their silence, and conceivably funneling financial assistance through their Political action Committees.

The demonstrators can wear silly little hats, make walls out of cardboard boxes, use Award Shows to make their Political statements and create hostile Town Hall meeting against elected Republicans. In the end, the good people of the Country will remember this foolishness for what it’s worth, nothing but a group of whining sophomoric losers who have no respect for the US Constitution. They will be the real losers during the next election cycle. I say keep it up.