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The Kinsey Connection

by Bill Kriebel

Alfred Kinsey has been a controversial figure for as long as I can remember - loved by the left and reviled by the right. My feeling is that the right ought to take a closer look at his alleged findings. They actually can be used to argue against the left's agenda vis-á-vis the homosexual agenda.

One of his most important hypotheses is that the homosexual/heterosexual dichotomy doesn't adequately describe human sexuality. He proposed a scale of 0 to 6, in which he divided males and females, 0 being exclusively homosexual and 6 being exclusively heterosexual. Categories 1 through 5 consist of people who can, and sometimes do, go either way.

This makes a lot of sense. Very little in nature is as black and white as strictly homosexual and strictly heterosexual. Most characteristics exist in varying degrees. If we assume that Kinsey was right, it explains why homosexual activists want to normalize homosexuality, and why their agenda must be fought. For the purpose of my argument, I will assume Kinsey was essentially correct.

What we first must recognize is that the term “born gay” can only apply to category 0. Others who practice homosexuality can probably be persuaded to lead an exclusively heterosexual life. This explains how so-called “ex-gays” have been successful “deprogrammed”.

This leads to two conclusions:

  1. That there likely is a small number of homosexuals who cannot change, and
  2. That there is a larger number of people who can become homosexual if the social stigma is removed.

The second conclusion shows the true danger of the homosexual agenda. If homosexuality is deemed “normal” by society, it will be very attractive to adolescents in the middle categories. If young people have a choice between sexual gratification with or without fear of pregnancy, it's not too hard to guess which choice many of them will make. If there is no social stigma attached, the attraction of homosexuality will be very strong.

This is exactly what homosexual activists seek. They don't just want the stigma removed from their practices, they want more sexual partners. Normalizing homsexuality will do just that. But since their new recruits will retain their heterosexual tendencies, there will be a sharp increase in bisexuality as they mature sexually.

So we might ask if this is such a bad thing. Maybe not if we're not concerned about the future of the human race. Rampant bisexuality, along with the promiscuity it engenders, will create an explosion in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. And while western societies increasingly embrace non-procreative sex, other cultures, notably Islamic ones, will be increasing their numbers.

If present trends continue, bin Laden can just sit back and wait.