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Letters to the Poughkeepsie Journal

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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Common Core is driving too many teachers from the profession

I am a former teacher and a mom. Your article spoke of several reasons for the decline of people interested in the profession of teaching. ("NY Teachers Wanted: Here's Why," Aug. 31). Here's one I saw no mention of: Common Core …

Tara Shoureck

Look at alternative programs to hike teaching ranks

Richard J. Ceonzo

Trump has trashed our democracy and we must all work to put it back together

President Donald Trump hides with his generals plotting war, while Attorney General Jeff Sessions does his dirty work tossing children to their death or worse. And Sessions appears to enjoy every bigoted, racist minute of it. …

Naomi Canaan

Israel is not a radical theocracy as one letter-writer claims it to be

Fred Nagel in his Sept. 6 letter ("U.S. condemns racist violence at home, but supports it in the Middle East") has created another false charge to degrade Israel. This time trying to tie Israel to the racism of the Charlottesville Nazis claiming that Israel is a radical theocracy, inherently racist toward others. Parting with reality he ignores that Israel is the only place in the Middle East where freedom of religion is protected. …

Tariq Hamsa
Wappingers Falls

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