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Letters to the Poughkeepsie Journal

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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No benefits for New Yorkers to hold a Constitutional Convention

Your editorial supporting a constitutional convention is misguided. ("Give Constitutional Convention a chance," Oct. 8). The voters should be aware that there are no benefits to New Yorkers, especially the hard-working New Yorkers, like police officers, firefighters, teachers, laborers and government workers, to support the convention for many reasons: …

Marilyn Berson
New York State Union of Police Associations

Vote yes to have a New York State Constitutional Convention

As I read the Oct. 8 editorial about the New York State Constitutional Convention, ("Give Constitutional Convention a chance") I wonder if this will happen. I remember when I was a Republican Committeeman in the 1960s, our town chairman in the Town of Philipstown was Thomas Collins and he was the Constitutional delegate for Putman County. I donít remember what was accomplished, but I knew this was an important event. …

John A. Beale
Wappingers Falls

Monuments should be judged in the cultural context they were created in

With it being Columbus Day, it was strange seeing many of his statues being vandalized. I guess he is being targeted along with Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee. …

Rich Rizzo
Hyde Park

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